Moraima Gaetmank

Moraima Gaetmank is the founder and director of the Studio Kinetique, a centre for fitness and wellbeing in Paris.

A graduate of Columbia University and the Pratt Institute NYC, she holds a Master of Science in Cognitive Behavior Psychology, and a second Master of Science in Movement Therapy.
Parallel to her studies she was also trained in contemporary dance at the Martha Graham School.

Currently she teaches in her own Paris studio the methods of Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates and Garuda.
In 2013, she did a post graduate in London in physiotherapy, specialised in the control of excessive body movement techniques.

In addition, she teaches Yoga for dancers, based on Hilary Cartwright’s method with whom she regularly follows master trainings.
Since July 2015 she is part of the health team of the Opera de Paris; training the dancers in the various methods and techniques and developing an in-house center of wellbeing.

Daniele Beniamini

Daniele, masseur / creator of body treatments, is originally from Southern Sicily and has lived in Paris for the last ten years. A former professional freediver, it is his island that inspires his day to day and his work. From his experience and practice of numerous sports, he has acquired a keen knowledge of the body which has led him to develop treatments tailored to meet the needs of his clients.
Through his comprehensive approach, he brings forth Strength, Balance, Energy, Healing and Vitality. True to his island, he has created the treatment “Etna”, bringing together all its elements and which can be adapted to each according to his or her needs.

Magalie Bilhou

After originally working in the fashion and luxury business, Magalie Bilhou was naturaly drawn to reflexology, in search of a technique of relaxation and stress release, allowing to unwind on a physical and mental level while recovering natural energy.
She followed three years of rigorous training at the “Institut de recherche, d’Etude et d’Enseignements des réflexologies de Paris”. Combined with her extensive practicing experience, Magalie acquired the knowledge and technique allowing your body to rebalance and liberate tensions and toxins accumulated through stress.
The moment of well-being associated with deep therapeutic work of a reflexology session will help you deal with daily headaches and evacuate the toxins generated by an active, urban life.

Hilary Cartwright

Following a career as soloist with the Royal Ballet, England, Hilary progressed into teaching and coaching with this company, eventually becoming Artistic Director with Winnipeg Royal Ballet, Netherlands Dans Theatre 11, before coming to the USA She has also spent periods of time in Brasil, and Argentina in a similar capacity, and remains constantly involved with this aspect of her work.
Hilary has been involved with Gyrotonic®, ®since it’s initial fabrication and development. Working closely with Juliu Horvath, from picking up the original pieces of timber and ball bearing plates, found on the street, to financing and opening the first studio “White Cloud Studio” on W 29th St: New York. ®Hilary ran this studio for the next 12 years, as well as opening a further studio in New York on W 72nd St: Hilary has helped with developing exercises, brainstorming as to what could be transferred from the original Yoga classes taught by Juliu Horvath, and then meticulously training and gathering a group of teachers together, first at the White Cloud Studio and then later traveling to other parts of the States and Europe as the work progressed. She helped to establish the System in Florence, Italy, London, England, and Amsterdam, Holland amongst others, then visiting these locations to ensure that the trainers were being developed along the lines originally conceived by Juliu Horvath, and most importantly maintaining the essence of the work.
Hilary continues to work with a variety of clients at Fluid Fitness Studio in New York City, as well as implementing the training of already newly certified teachers.®.
In addition, Hilary teaches Yoga for Dancers, a fluid form based on elements of Hatha and Kundaliini Yoga but developed along lines concurrent with her own experience and expertise.
She conducts annual intensive retreats in this in Tuscany Italy, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Morocco, as well as shorter Intensives both in Europe and the U.S.A.

Aurely Comet

Trained and certified in Masso Relaxation by the Institut Figari, Aurely is a member of the Fédération Française de Massage Bien Etre and offers creative massage, a relaxing massage for body and soul.

Sophie De Vore

While studying Literature at UCLA, Sophie danced professionally with the Nevada Ballet Theatre. During that time she discovered Pilates, becoming a certified instructor in 1999. She taught the acrobats for the “O” show of Cirque du Soleil, dance students at UNLV, and at several gyms and dance schools in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. In 2001, Sophie moved to New York City pursuing modern dance and delving into different styles of movement. She continued to teach Pilates throughout NYC and to add continuing education courses to her repertoire through Balanced Body University and Stott. Sophie now lives in Paris and has just completed her certification in Gyrokinesis®.

Natasha Guedes

Götz Lehle

Götz Lehle, MD, is a Medical Doctor with a diploma in Manual Medicine (FAC, Germany). In his work he uses techniques like Applied Kinesiology, Osteopathy, Feldenkrais™ and others. He is a member of TaMed (German Society of Performing Arts Medicine for Dancers), of DGfMM (German society of Performing Arts Medicine for Musicians) and of DGMM (German Society of Manual Medicine). He lives in Florence (Italy). He works and teaches regularly in Paris, London and New York.

Nir Levy

Nir Levy practices Anma Ampuku for over two decades. Formed in the United States, he collaborated with Japanese master, Dr. DoAnn Tesunu Kaneko (founder of Tao Healing Arts Center and Shiatsu Massage School of California). In 2008, he founded, in Madrid, Anma-Ampuku School of Healing Arts, which he still co-leads now. As a teacher he has trained hundreds of students in his technique, in the USA, Israel and Spain. He moved to Paris in 2012.

Naïl Malichmann

Naïls passion for movement began with Chinese martial arts, which he practised for more than 10 years, rewarded by a silver medal at the french Tai chi championships.

He trained as a Piltes instructor with Master Trainer Miriam Friedrich as well as Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® with Master Trainers Regula Gadient and Sylvia Frosali.

Naïl is teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®.

Agnès Mira

A psychologist from the Ecole des Psychologues Praticiens (EPP) in Paris, her wish to integrate the body itself in therapy made her turn to Shiatsu. She began her training in modern Shiatsu technique at the Japanese Shiatsu School with master Shigeru Onoda, while living in Spain.
A licensed Shiatsu practitioner since 2002, her practice draws on her understanding as psychologist.

Cassandre Mugnier

Cassandre grew up in the French Alps where she developed her passion for skiing, hiking and all things active. She started doing Pilates in 2009 while living in Paris and was instantly hooked. After moving to NYC a few years ago, she decided to get certified in classical Pilates and completed her Romana's Pilates certification in 2016. With her hands-on, attentive and precise teaching she hopes to share her love of Pilates with newcomers and Pilates veterans alike.

Emilie Regen

Trained as a professional dancer at the Martha Graham Contemporary centre in New York, Emilie Regen started out her career with different dance ensembles in the USA and France. At the same time she discovered her liking for teaching at the Harlem Dance School of New York. Which triggered her research in the functional analysis of movement and by consequence of dance therapy. Passionate about movement she proceeds with a teacher training in classical and modern dance at the institut des «Beaux Arts de Toulouse» and the «rencontres internationales de danse contemporaine de Paris» where she obtains her state diploma.

Having discovered and practised Gyrotonic and Yoga in the United States with Hilary Cartwright, she decides to train as an instructor. Certified with the Gyrotonic level 1 she teaches at the Studio Kinétique since 20016.